Buying Bitcoins has become very easy, the last few months a lot of new websites have appeared that make it easy to buy Bitcoins. In this guide we will discuss three different ways of buying Bitcoins on trusted websites, one way is to buy Bitcoins and directly store it in the wallet of the service provider (Coinbase), another way is directly buying Bitcoins and sending them to a wallet address you own or want to send Bitcoins to by using a credit/debit card (CoinMama) and if you want to use European payment methods like iDEAL, Bancontact / Mistercash, Giropay, Mybank, etc we recommend using AnyCoinDirect.

Buying Bitcoins using Coinbase

Supports Creditcards and bank transfer.

Coinbase provides you with an easy way to buy, store and send your Bitcoins. If you are looking for a simple way to own Bitcoins Coinbase is the way to go, they take away all the hassle of having to setting up and securing a Bitcoin wallet. They even have a smartphone app where you can keep an eye on your assets in real time. If you use the following link you even get $10,- worth of Bitcoin for free when you buy for more than $100.

Buying Bitcoins using CoinMama

Supports credit card or debit card

CoinMama is an easy way to buy Bitcoins with your credit/debit card. CoinMama will send the Bitcoins directly to the wallet address that you provide. So make sure you already have a secure Bitcoin wallet or a Bitcoin wallet address on an exchange, for example on Binance.

Buying Bitcoins using AnyCoinDirect

Supports European payment methods like iDEAL, Bancontact / Mistercash, Giropay, Mybank, SEPA and Sofort.

AnyCoinDirect is a fast and easy way to buy Bitcoins if you already own a secure wallet, want to send Bitcoins to an exchange or to someone else's wallet. You can provide a Bitcoin wallet address when purchasing your Bitcoins, AnyCoinDirect will send the Bitcoins to this address when your purchase is complete. You can buy up to $100,- without ID verification. AnyCoinDirect is an easy to use website to directly send Bitcoins to exchanges like Binance where you can exchange your Bitcoins for other coins like IOTA, EOS, Verge, etc.